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On April 4, 2020 we will honor and remember Georgia's fallen soldiers who were lost while fighting in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We carry a loaded Combat Stretcher to honor those who've fallen and bring awareness to those living on the streets.

Our Heroes have been on their own for too long.  We find them, clothe them, fight for them, and guide them home.  Every donation we receive helps to create “Shadow Kits”, which are hand-delivered by our Team to Homeless Veterans on the streets.

We started out the day, donating clothing, toiletries and bedding to the VEO - Veterans Empowerment Organization of Atlanta, then off to the homeless shelter located on Peachtree and Pine where we met Duntae, a Marine Corp Recon veteran, with a job working third shift, but no place to call home...

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Veteran Owned – Volunteer Run


We fight for our Heroes that battle PTSD, because this battle is lifelong.  They may have left the War, but the War NEVER left them, and WE will not leave them to fight PTSD alone

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