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Click on any of the included links and sources for details and statistics about homeless veterans.  The numbers you will see, will greatly vary from source to source, that’s why our focus is on the number “1*”No matter what the actual homeless numbers may be, they are “*One Too Many”.

Trauma-Informed Care For Working With Homeless Veterans

Having a basic understanding of how trauma affects the life of individuals seeking services. This Fact Sheet is designed to provide some core information about trauma and PTSD, including common types of traumas in homeless Veterans and how to assess and treat PTSD.

In January 2016, 39,471 veterans were experiencing homelessness. Nearly all (97%) were homeless in households without children (as individuals).

The company that hires a formerly homeless Veteran. The landlord who accepts her housing voucher. The faith-based group that helps furnish her new apartment. The foundation that shores up her finances. And the civic group that pays a visit to welcome her home. These are just a few ways that community-based organizations provide a fresh start to Veterans who are exiting homelessness. 

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Homeless Veteran Camps

Homeless Vet? Send us your most recent location and we will add it to our map so that no soldier gets left behind. We will send supplies and reinforcements to assist where and when we can.

Check the pin drops for up to date homeless vet camps

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